We Had Internet Waiting for Us in My New State

cable-connectorMy mom was born in Oregon, so I had heard a lot about the state over the years from her. The way she described the area, everything was so lush and green. Coincidentally, I soon found myself being transferred there for work. Along with a nice salary, my boss said they would pay for Oregon Internet service as well as phone service while I live there.

I was not given very much time to get ready to leave. I had just four weeks to pack up everything in my home, clean my old place up and leave for my new location. Because of that, a lot of family members and friends came over to help me get everything done. Without them, I could not have made the deadline in time.

I planned to drive the moving truck myself. My mom said she wanted to come with me on the drive. She really wanted to see some of the country between our state and my new state, and she really wanted to see the place where she grew up. I was pretty excited about it because it would be fun to see how much she remembered, and she could also point out some exciting landmarks that would be very new to me.

Once we arrived, we quickly looked for my new place. My mom new the area well because she used to live right around the corner from my place at one point! We decided to move in only a few of my belongings that first night. We made sure to move in the bed, some tables and chairs, the TV and my computer.

One of the first things we did was to try to connect to the Internet to make sure it was working. Thankfully, it was. This allowed us to look up a great restaurant to go to dinner at that night.