Started to Fix Up the Place a Bit

Highspeed InternetStarted to fix up the place a bit, although it is going to be a long process. Jake and I bought this place as a long term investment, but for now it is a tough place for us to live in. We are working to get the place airtight at the moment and fix the heat on it. Right now we have a good high speed internet set up, but the place is pretty cold once it gets to be night. The only thing we could do was to get my Mom to lend us this old kerosene heater that she had in her storage building. We would use that for emergency back when I was a kid. If the power went out we would clean it up and put some kerosene in it. Of course you could cook on it pretty well and that is what we have been doing. You have to pick it up and take it out on the back porch if you want to put fuel in it, because you sure do not want to get a spill.

My brother did that once. There was this big ice storm that knocked out our power for a whole week and he put the kerosene in it when it was in the house. Of course he spilled some and it got in to the walls. After that every time the weather changed you could smell that kerosene. It would get trapped in the wood, but it would come out ever so often and it was really pretty bad. You just do not want to have that, especially since it is easy to not have it happen. Of course dealing with the kerosene is not any fun and we are going to be quite happy when we are done with it.