Started Thinking About My New PC

I have had the system that I have now for close to five years. When I bought it, this was in the sweet spot for me. I spent close to a thousand dollars getting a system that was really powerful and would stay close to the cutting edge for a little while. Now technology has moved on and the system I have is out of date. I am going to turn it into a home entertainment PC. The question is how to balance cost and performance, for example I wonder if getting the best 144hz monitor would make a lot of sense. The theory behind them sounds really great, but if you look into it there is obviously a price to be paid for the increased performance. You can get all sorts of features on a new monitor, for example a 4k monitor is going to be have a much sharper resolution and a 144 hertz monitor is going to have a much higher frame rate.

That does not work if you do not have a really terrific amount of processing power and particularly, if you do not have a lot of graphics processing power. That costs money obviously. I am trying to figure out how to strike the best balance, between getting a high performance machine and one that I can afford. Of course that is also a balance between the short term costs and the long term benefit. If you go and get a four hundred dollar machine from Best Buy, that is not going to be very good to start off. However the big things is that it is going to be totally obsolete in just a few months. Even if you get the latest and greatest bleeding edge system, it is still going to be obsolete at some point. However you want it to remain useful as long as possible.