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No matter how bad you feel right now, the good news is that back pain can be stopped. You can have a normal back again and lead a pain free life.

I know this from hard personal experience. The excruciating back pain I suffered and the action I took to deal with it. And now I want to help as many people as possible to understand that their chronic back pain can be stopped in its tracks. You can take control over the problem and feel great again. Before going any further, let me say straight up – DON’T agree to an operation until you’ve considered all the alternatives and read my report.

The decision is in your hands, not your doctor’s

Telling you what happened to me will, I believe, show you that I understand all too well the misery and pain that can come from severe back pain. It will also show that anybody can fall victim to chronic back pain, whether active or sedentary office worker. Most importantly, my experience will demonstrate you HAVE A CHOICE – to suffer the pain or not. The decision is in your hands, not your doctor’s. All you need is the right information and a commitment to take control of your own back.

Who are you going to listen to – some general doctor who may not have suffered severe back pain and can only recommend conventional treatment. Or somebody who’s spent the past 25 years working out how to master the problem?

Up until about seven years ago, I led the outdoors life. I worked for years in house construction and forestry. Let me tell you I was a fit guy and the last person you would think would suffer bad back pain, yet some mornings I couldn’t raise a leg high enough to get into the fork-lift. And in the evening I’d have to lie on the carpet watching TV as I couldn’t sit on the sofa.

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The Local doctor had nothing to say except mumble something about Sciatica. For him, I looked  fit – end of story. Then it was a round of private therapists. I even tried homeopathy.  All to no avail. Then I found an older woman working out of a tiny terrace house. She brought the pain under control by loosening my muscles in legs and back, sometimes leaving thumb shaped bruises on my legs.. Ouch!

All went fairly well until we moved away from this therapist and I changed jobs to office based work. My core support muscles weakened, but I thought I was still the strong outdoors guy. One day, I moved an air-conditioning unit out of the garage with a twisting motion. Shooting pains went down my leg the next day, but I ignored that and moved some furniture! The day after that – and I’ll never forget the exact date – I woke early in agony. I mean unable to walk pain that left me gasping.

I couldn’t stand, couldn’t even dress myself, couldn’t sleep and had to lie in warm water in the bath at night to get any rest. It was like someone twisting a knife into me. My poor wife had to handle me like a baby…quite a shock to her… and quite humiliating for me.

After a week, I was ferried lying in the back of a van to a local physiotherapist. He looked worried and told me that the disc between vertebrae L4 and L5 had herniated badly (slipped). He commented that I wouldn’t be able to walk properly for 18 months and that I would never be the same again.

I soon realised the local government health service, the NHS, was no use. When I eventually staggered into their surgery, I received a handful of pain killing tablets and a diagnosis of “soft tissue damage”. Later, I had a MRI scan which showed the badly herniated disc – you could see the discs burst out and pressing against the spine and the sciatic nerve that runs down it.

The doctor offered only one course of treatment – surgery. I declined. I knew from my research that only a tiny percentage of back suffers really needed surgery – usually people who’d had very severe accident trauma to the spine from car smashes and the like.

Apart from thoughts of life in a wheelchair, financially this was disastrous for me and my family as I was self employed. I knew I had to do something myself and fast. Plus I was determined to prove the doctors wrong about being permanently disabled.

Within 5 weeks I was walking well again. You can too.

I lay on the floor at home, with laptop on my stomach and spent weeks researching everything  relating to back problems. I discovered a sea of misery out there and a lot of desperate people. Some even said they were contemplating suicide as they could see no way out…terrible. But I’m a problem solver by nature and ploughed on, sifting the useful from the rubbish.

I developed a programme of self treatment, even inventing one particularly useful technique myself that you won’t find anywhere on the internet. The idea was to combine a number of therapies to maximise effect.

The results were remarkable. Just five weeks after the injury I was walking pretty well and after about two months  I strolled into the local hospital’s back clinic for a follow up check. My mobility was so good that a doctor refused to believe I had suffered a disc herniation. At least, until he checked the MRI scans.

Now, I’m not saying I was cured in five weeks. That takes longer, but the change was huge. From agony and a feeling of hopelessness, to being mostly pain free and feeling I was in charge of my injury and not the other way round. I’d got my life back.

Now, weight training and cricket are my hobbies!
What’s yours going to be?

It’s about five years since the disc herniation and my back’s been great. Long car journeys, slouching in chairs, lifting heavy objects – all no problem. The change has been so profound I have to watch that I don’t sound like an evangelical preacher whenever I hear about someone with back pain. It irritates the hell out of me that so many people are suffering for no good reason and I want to shake them up, to tell them the good news that there is a solution.

There’s so much misinformation and negative thinking about back pain. For example, anyone who tells you that fixing a bad back is just a one-off treatment isn’t being straight with you.  Because what happens is that when the back pain goes you’ll most likely revert back to bad habits. I know this because that’s what happened to me. After years of no pain at all, I went a little crazy with lifting heavy weights in the gym and had a relapse. But, you know, I only lost a week out of the gym because I had the knowledge already from my program about what to do when back pain returned. It was no big deal. And that’s the key, to be fully educated about your back and having a few techniques in your pocket to call upon if you have a flare-up.

Our bodies are equipped to heal themselves, if given the chance

I’m not saying you can be a complete couch potato and expect to remain pain free. What I am saying is that if you use the advice in my programme you’ll be amazed at the improvement. And it’s not difficult to stay back healthy.

As they say, ignorance kills. Well, that’s certainly true for back pain. Get the right information and act on it and the difference is amazing. Our bodies are equipped to heal themselves, IF you give it a fair chance.

I wish the doctors who saw me at the time of my injury and said I would never be the same again could see me now!

And that’s my point – don’t swallow the pessimistic story they can give you. Don’t be part of their system with its very limited                    treatment options. Remember, there are many surgeons earning a lot of money from back operations. Don’t allow your back to pay for their luxury car.

Take control of your back

Of course, at this point it has to be said. Always consider the advice of your doctor. But I believe my back programme, at the very least, greatly increases your chance of making a FULL recovery. It did the job for me and my back injury was severe. In plain language it opens your mind to the truth about back problems and shows you there is life after chronic back pain.

Most importantly, it will educate you as to why you got back pain in the first place and so protect you from suffering from it again in the future. I only wish I’d known what I do now years ago. I’d have saved twenty years of back problems. But you don’t have to wait and can download my back programme now.

I very much doubt you’ll find a medic in a white coat explaining alternative solutions to problem backs. If that was done, the medical system would lose a large number of their clients!

I will always remember the waiting room in the back clinic. I sat there, fairly comfortably and watched the suffering all around me. Many were ashen faced and had to get up frequently and hobble around. One even popped pills every so often. I realised they had become dependents, who’d handed responsibility for their health over to others.

Ignorance can kill

The cost of back pain can be huge for the sufferer. It can easily turn you into an invalid, waiting for the next operation.

Don’t be deaf to good advice. One guy I met a few years ago was selling his car because he couldn’t get into it anymore. A former lorry driver, he’d fallen off his trailer and hurt his back. He took time of work, didn’t exercise, ate more and the problem got worse, so he started on the round of operations. When I met him, he was about to go in for his sixth surgical procedure. He presented a very sorry site. In agony and drugged up to the eyeballs with painkillers.

But you know, the saddest thing was his not picking up on my offer to give him advice. He had the great good luck to be selling his car to a guy who at one time couldn’t walk or even stand and now had perfect mobility, but he was deaf. I wasn’t in a white coat offering him supposed quick fixes. Although, to be fair to him, it’s probably because he couldn’t believe I’d had chronic back pain, not with my quickness and ease of movement.

At worst, this sort of ignorance will kill you. Like the father of a friend of ours. He had an operation for a minor back injury years ago, then more operations until dying on the table whilst they tried to rearrange a metal bar they’d inserted into his spine!  Each operation cut through his supportive back muscles like you were slashing through the support ropes of a tent – to bring the whole thing crashing down. Tragic and although it sounds harsh, it was the result of him not thinking for himself.

For most back pain suffers, it’s time off work and not being able to do all that they want. Stopping sports, not being able to lift the grandchild, having to employ tradesmen to do jobs around the home – all restrictions and added costs. And a constant nagging anxiety. In the UK, over fifty million work days are lost a year due to back problems. And a staggering forty per cent of people suffer from bouts of back pain. It’s the same in most other industrialised countries.

Let me say this simply – nearly all this suffering is unnecessary. People aren’t suffering from chronic back problems; they’re suffering from ignorance. Not knowing that there is a better way.

This back programme does what it says – stop back pain

In a concise and hard hitting ebook, I deal with each stage of the problem:

* The injury. How to deal with the aftermath of a back trauma. This greatly lessens the high level of anxiety, if not downright fear, that comes with the onset of severe back pain

* Early stage treatment. This quickly puts you in control of the back pain.

* Curing the back problem, permanently. Discover the elation of knowing you can remove the shadow of recurring chronic back pain from your life. For ever.

* What exercises to do and what NOT to do. To help you wise up quickly, and avoid possible relapse.

* Herbs and special tips to give you the advantage

Say NO to Back pain isn’t just for suffers of chronic back pain, but also for those who feel a “twinge” from time to time. Such discomfort is usually a sign of a bigger problem brewing. Don’t ignore the warning signs. The programme will teach you to incorporate certain simple exercises and habits into your life to protect yourself from what can become a nightmare health problem.

This programme is based on about twenty five years hard experience. It took a major trauma to my back for me to wake up and take control. Don’t wait that long yourself.

Is the programme difficult?

No, it isn’t.  In the early stages, there’s more to do as you are facing up to a serious problem. But later, protective measures take very little time.

I spend no more than thirty minutes a week on keeping my back healthy, if that. I could get away with even less, but as I said earlier, I’m into sports and need to keep my spine extra flexible and strong.

Sorting your back pain out is not expensive with this programme

Conventional back treatment of surgery, pills and appointments with therapists can get expensive. Very expensive if you don’t have medical insurance. Even in “free” medical systems as in the UK.

One of the great merits of my programme is that it does away with the high costs of institutional medicine. You don’t need any special equipment. There will some cost, but very modest. Less than the pain killer pills you are most likely taking right now.

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Choosing the right mattress is a crucial choice, as a result of quality of sleep and quality of life go hand-in-hand. Despite the fact that sleeping place and sleeping normally can have a profound (adverse or positive) effect on your back, many people not often give it much thought. I’m laying right here in bed eager about work – that’s a no, no! I shared my expertise with my new Beautyrest Black mattress in an earlier submit HERE and I seriously nonetheless adore it! Not only is it attainable however now it is affordable.

Sciatica is characterized by pain — from minor to severe — that travels alongside the Best Mattress For Sciatica And Back Pain sciatic nerve from back towards the buttock and down the leg. Intense pain from the situation results from nerve problems corresponding to a herniated disk spinal tumors trauma from an accident or piriformis syndrome a muscle situation that impacts the lower spine. For the pelvic tilt lay on the floor together with your knees bent and your ft flat then tighten your stomach muscle groups and pull your decrease back to the bottom. One explanation for back ache that plagues many, and may be easily addressed, is sleeping on an unsupportive or worn-out mattress. In the event you answered yes to any of the above questions, there is a probability your back ache may be mattress related. We recommend a website here about back pain mattress reviews and buying guide:

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Memory Foam is associated with turning into extremely popular in a single day (which is why the massive retailers are coming out with gel-infused reminiscence foam) and latex historically doesn’t have this drawback. A natural latex mattress (particularly made with the Talalay course of) could be flipped (and is gentle enough to take action, even for 2 dwarf parents) to assist even out the wear and tear.

Increased density reminiscence foam reacts to physique warmth which allows it to mould itself to the shape of a warm body inside a few minutes. A decrease density memory foam is stress-sensitive and can mould more shortly to the form of the body. The example usually used to reveal its properties is that a hand pressed into the foam and then eliminated will depart a transparent impression in the foam. They do custom mattresses at an incredible manufacturing facility direct worth.

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