Picking a New Energy Plan for Our Dallas Home

I was really excited for several reasons to move to Dallas. I knew that I was going to make more money at my new job there, plus I was going to be a lot closer to the majority of my family. My wife was also happy about the move because she missed living in a bigger city. Before we moved here, we both looked online at different houses so we could pick out the one we wanted before we even looked at it in person. That was actually the easy part because our dream home just jumped out from the realtor’s website.

We arranged the closing for the three weeks that we would be transitioning between homes, so I wanted to have everything else in order then too. One of the most important things we had to do was decide which company we were going to use for our energy needs. We moved in July, which is the hottest month of the year here. I knew that we were going to want the central air running before we started unpacking, plus we would need lights as well as the ability to use the microwave and coffee pot for those first couple of days.

I went online and looked at the different companies, and I really liked what TXU Energy was offering to new customers. There were quite a few different plans, including the Green Select 12, the Smart Deal 24, the Market Edge, and the Smart Deal 36. I just had to look over the different rate plans for each one and decide if we wanted to have a fixed or indexed rate. The way the site was laid out, it was really easy to figure out which one we wanted to get. The Smart Deal 36 would net us the biggest savings over the longest period of time, and it is a fixed rate as well, so that is a nice bonus. Having the house picked out and the electricity ready are the two things that made this transition very easy for us!