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Memoryfoam is an amazing, extremely dense material that was originally developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) in an attempt to mitigate the harsh gravitational forces (G forces) experienced by astronauts during take off and reentry. While memoryfoam never actually made it into outer space, the bedding industry soon discovered that this marvelous wonder of science could be the best thing to happen to sleep technology since the invention of the mattress.

Memory 7 Zone Memory Foam Mattress
Memory 7 Zone Memory Foam Mattress

Memoryfoam–a Space Age Sleeping Alternative

While memoryfoam may not have lived up to its initial space age expectations, it is nevertheless the most advanced form of bedding ever created. Memoryfoam has unique properties that make it in many ways the most ideal sleeping surface ever invented. Memoryfoam was designed to support all weight evenly across the entire surface of the mattress. This means that memoryfoam can support your entire body in ways that are simply not possible with simpler bedding technologies. Another great advantage of memoryfoam is that it does not transfer motion laterally. This means that, should you adjust your position or get out of bed during the night, the motion will not disturb your partner. Of course, since you can sleep comfortably in any position with memoryfoam, you are not likely to need to adjust your position often.

Memoryfoam is a space age technology that has found its way into the bedding industry. While memoryfoam never met its scientific expectations, it is nevertheless a marvelous invention. The advanced construction of memoryfoam beds means that they can support and conform to your body unlike anything you have ever experienced. This is particularly important for people who suffer from back and joint problems.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy a Memoryfoam Mattress

A memoryfoam mattress is constructed of space age materials, initially created by NASA, that can conform to the unique contours of your body like nothing else. Memoryfoam never fulfilled its space age potential but is nevertheless the single most important technological innovation in bedding in the last century.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider buying a memoryfoam mattress–this article discusses a few of those reasons.

A memoryfoam mattress conforms to your body completely, and is a perfect choice no matter whether you prefer to sleep on your back, on your side, or on your stomach.

Also, a memoryfoam mattress isolates vibrations, which means that your partner will not be disturbed no matter how many times you get up or change positions.

In addition to that, memoryfoam is designed so as to not put undo pressure on any part of your body. Memoryfoam is by its nature hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for allergy sufferers. Since a memoryfoam mattress does not sag, there is no reason to go through the ritual of occasionally flipping it as you would have to do with other mattresses.

Another reason to consider purchasing a memoryfoam mattress is the simple fact that it was developed by NASA, so you know that no expense was spared in coming up with the most advanced and functional technology possible.

Of course, perhaps the best reason to consider purchasing a memoryfoam mattress is the luxury factor. There is simply no other technology that can provide a sleeping experience that can compete with memoryfoam on comfort.

The other reasons to choose a memoryfoam mattress include the fact that dust mites and other parasites can not survive on it, the fact that millions of health care professional endorse memoryfoam, and the fact that most outlets provide outstanding warranties on their memoryfoam products.


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