Looking for a Cheap Lake Cottage

My brother in law and I have started to try to figure out if we can manage to build ourselves a fishing cottage up on either Buchanan Lake of Lyndon B Johnson Lake. Of course we need to figure out if we can afford a piece of land which is accessible. You do not want a lot which is impossible to get to. We obviously need some place that is close to Killeen. After that you need to think about which Texas energy provider you want to pick and figure out what sort of place you are going to build. To start with we would not really need a permanent structure. Vernon has a camper trailer which is more than adequate since you are not really going to be doing much in camp. If you have a place to cook your meals and lay your head at night, that is really enough for a fishing camp. However it is going to rain and when it does getting trapped in a cramped camper trailer will get old.

If the weather was always good you would not need much at all. Obviously you could cook on a hibachi or an open fire and you could sleep under the stars like the cowboys did. Of course the cowboys probably would have loved air conditioning if they could have had it and a lot of nights it is just going to be unbearably hot. So if you could build a little house it would be great. I am thinking that the cheapest thing would be a prefabricated unit, which would basically look like two mobile homes usually. I am trying to figure out what that would cost. It really does not have to look that good, although it certainly would be better if it did.