It Makes Sense to Pay for Cable Instead of Relying on Network Sites

Like many other people across the country, I have been watching television shows on network websites. While it is almost always free, it is no fun to want to watch a full series, but only some episodes are offered. After growing tired of this, I decided that it may be time to look into cable TV providers to see what is available to me.

I cannot count how many times I have been watching a network series on a website, only to find that halfway through, the rest of the series disappears. If you are lucky, the provider will put the episodes back at some point. In other situations, you are given around one week to watch a particular episode before it’s taken off the website. This is simply inconvenient. I have never understood why that is done, especially when the providers include commercials in each show, so it seems it should not be such a problem to leave the shows. So, after this happened to me yet again, I felt it was time to give up.

After making a number of calls to cable companies, I found one that had prices that I really liked. I found a lot of good reviews online about the company, so I decided to go for it. They installed the service and told me they would bill me. They also gave me 30 days to decide whether I liked the service or not. I have now been with them for 30 days and have no intention of canceling. Everything has been great so far. I have been able to catch up on full seasons of my favorite shows. I have been able to watching a large number of movies. And the company I am with even offers the ability to pay for new release movies as well.