How We Picked Our Broadband Internet Service

Broadband Internet ServiceWe were trying to pick a new Internet service for use at our house. I went to and learned a few interesting things. Wherever you live you are pretty much locked into whatever the standard Internet service plans are offered for cable, FIOS or DSL. You are also free to choose from the various satellite Internet service options that are available. I don’t know if you ever noticed but there is one cable company that serves an area. There is also one hardwired phone company too. If your neighbors have a different option, they are just across the line in the other service area. They will not have two options.

Now it is easy to do a search to find out what cable, FIOS or DSL service you will be able to get for your Internet service. Since you will only have one of each available to you, the only thing left to pick is the tier of service and whether or not you want to bundle in other things. If you get cable or FIOS you can bundle in phone and TV service too. Satellite is available everywhere, so even if you cannot get broadband in a rural area, you can get it by satellite. No cables or fiber optic lines are needed. The dish both sends and receives signals to and from a satellite in space.

The absolute fastest Internet you can get is the top tier of FIOS. Cable is the next fastest option with DSL being the slowest. However, DSL is still fast enough for most families. I knew a family where at least five people were on the Internet each day. It worked very well for them. The only time it would get laggy was when everyone was trying to stream videos at once. For a couple it would be ideal, especially since it is so affordable. We went with DSL.