Got a Much Nicer Place to Live

The place I was living in was not exactly a dump, but it was not too far from it. In fact my girlfriend was sort of afraid to be in that part of the city after dark. She is living on the campus still and just sees me on the weekend, so I am not going to be happy if she does not want to hang around. At any rate I got some of my bills paid off and I decided that I can afford a nicer place. This is it I got the one bedroom place, because obviously there is only one of me and I could not afford the bigger places.Nicer Place to Live Of course the old place I lived at did not have much in the way of amenities. There was a run down club house and they had some old tennis courts, but it was really dark in those places and I was sort of reluctant to go walking about there after it got dark.

This place has a really nice gym, which was great with me. I like to work out, but I have been falling behind and obviously it is going to be getting cooler pretty soon. So it is great if you have a place where you can work out when it is raining or it is cold and dark. It is not as though this is a gated community, but the feel is a lot safer than it was at the place where I had been living. There is a lot more light out in the parking lots and you get the feeling that you do not have as much to worry about. If you have dark parking lots that really encourages the people who like to steal stereos out of parked cars.