Getting Faster Service at Home is Worth It

CenturyLink All-Star Athlete | Utah JazzOver the years I have noticed that my Internet speeds are not very fast. They seemed to be at first, but over time, I found myself wishing that it could be faster. During a vacation at a friend’s home, I saw how fast her Internet is. I went home wondering if local Centurylink service is available where I live.

I quickly called to find out once I was home and settled in again. The great news is that faster service is available where I live, and best of all, it is only an extra $10 per month! Very fair price. Especially considering that I had previously upgraded my computer to a very fast, powerful one thinking that would be a total solution. Unfortunately, it was not.

One I had everything set up, I loved it! I realized that I should have made the change long ago. With faster Internet speeds, I realized that I was able to get things done so much more quickly! I was in and out of my email faster. I was able to do work online so much more quickly. It was really nice, to say the least!

When my dad came over to visit, I pointed out that he should upgrade as well. He scoffed at first. He mentioned his service seemed just fine, although, my mom has often complained that she wished it was faster. I told him to sit down at my computer and try it out. He was amazed at the speed! He has now upraded as well. My mom called last week and said she loves getting on the computer now. It used to be that she spent little time on it because it took her so much time to get anything done. Everyone should have speeds like this at home!