Fast FiOS at Our House from Frontier Communications

After looking around at our options we finally settled on using Frontier Communications to provide our Internet service. One of the reasons is that it is not a shared service like the cable companies use. Some of the cable providers are still using a community type of service. The more you have logged onto the Internet, the slower your connection gets. That seemed archaic as far as the Internet goes, and we wanted to avoid it. The FiOS we got is a whole lot better for us. We are a heavy bandwidth using family. The kids alone can go through a few gigabytes of data in a single day.Fast FiOS

All of us together use a lot of Internet bandwidth. My wife streams her music and dancing shows and I stream my cop dramas. I also like the zombie movies. I think I might write something about that genre one day, and I tell my wife that watching every zombie movie ever made is research. I don’t think she is buying that! Anyway, with all of the video intense Internet use we have, it needs fast service and a lot of data. FiOS is as fast as you can get, especially if you go with the top tier of service.

We do not have any trouble with us all being on the Internet at the same time doing our own individual things. The kids can be on the game console or on social media or be watching videos. They are actually often doing all three at the same time! I am not that talented when it comes to media multitasking so I just watch a movie. My wife will use an exercise machine in the house while watching her favorite shows on her tablet. None of us have any trouble with the buffering message popups we used to have when online with our old Internet service. FiOS is fast and working out great!