Cause of Lower Back Pain

There are other factors that may cause lower back pain and that stress is not just one of them.

Most experts consider that in the course of time muscle strain may lead to an overall imbalance in the structure of the spine. This may will lead to constant tension on the ligaments, bones and muscles. Thus, lower back pain is generated by overused  muscles that resulted from a combination of muscle strain and injury.

Scheuermann’s disease is one of the several culprits of lower back pain. This type of disease may be lesser known compared to the others but it is a self-limiting childhood skeletal disorder. It is also considered as a form of immature osteochondrosis of the spine.

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Scheuermann’s disease is common in teenagers ages 16 to 18 years old. The disease presents a deformity that is much worse than kyphosis. People who are suffering from this illness may not correct their position consciously because the peak of their curve which is located in the vertebrae is inflexible.

It is also known for causing lower back pain which may be very severe and disabling. Patients who are tormented from this disease may feel the pain more when aggravated by any physical activity and by prolong sitting and standing. In addition to lower back pain, people who are suffering Scheuermann’s disease have experienced loss of height. This  may have been the reason why “hunchback” exist. There are some reports say that lower back curves cause more pain compared to the curves in the upper region.

Cause of Lower Back PainThe curve of the spine may become permanent if it’s not corrected within the time frame of six to nine months. There are ways to treat the Scheuermann’s disease.  For example, a regular exercise and good posture may be helpful but there are also other treatment.

In some cases, physical therapy or wearing back braces may help reverse the kyphosis before it goes extremely severe. This type of physical therapy is called the Schroth method. It is a specialized therapy for people suffering from scoliosis and related deformities of the spine. The Schroth method has shown evidences that it may reduce pain while doing treatment.

Some people opted for surgical procedures to treat the Scheuermann’s disease. This type of surgical procedure may include spinal fusion and hardware instrumentation. For example, rods, screws and pedicle. The classical surgical technique entails the entering the two titanium rods into the back on either side of the spinal cord. These rods should be roughly one and a half feet long. Thus, the right titanium screws will then be drilled through the bone and secures them in place.

Surgery should be used as a last alternative when physical therapy and back braces fails. It might further put the patient at risk if the surgical procedure is not successful. That’s why it is very important to know that this surgery will aim to reduce lower back pain and not just to fix any physical imperfection. Complications may be low but some surgeries may deem unsuccessful.