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How We Picked Our Broadband Internet Service

Broadband Internet ServiceWe were trying to pick a new Internet service for use at our house. I went to and learned a few interesting things. Wherever you live you are pretty much locked into whatever the standard Internet service plans are offered for cable, FIOS or DSL. You are also free to choose from the various satellite Internet service options that are available. I don’t know if you ever noticed but there is one cable company that serves an area. There is also one hardwired phone company too. If your neighbors have a different option, they are just across the line in the other service area. They will not have two options. Keep Reading

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It Makes Sense to Pay for Cable Instead of Relying on Network Sites

Like many other people across the country, I have been watching television shows on network websites. While it is almost always free, it is no fun to want to watch a full series, but only some episodes are offered. After growing tired of this, I decided that it may be time to look into cable TV providers to see what is available to me.

I cannot count how many times I have been watching a network series on a website, only to find that halfway through, the rest of the series disappears. If you are lucky, the provider will put the episodes back at some point. In other situations, you are given around one week to watch a particular episode before it’s taken off the website. This is simply inconvenient. Keep Reading

A Clothing Change That Has Been Overdue

Every now and again, I like change. Usually, I am the type who wants things to just keep going how they are, so it surprises everyone when I want to do something different. That happened not long ago when I decided I wanted to look at a company that sells sydney promotional products to order some new shirts and jackets for our workers. See, I run a business where the dress is semi-casual. The people on the floor can wear jeans and tennis shoes, and my only requirement is that they wear a company shirt.

These have always been white or black business shirts in the past, but I wanted to loosen things up a bit.