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When I Learned How to Get More Twitter Followers, This is What I Did with Them

تسجيل تويتر | تسجيل تويتر | Twitter RegistrationI found out how to get more twitter followers while looking around for a way to boost the social media profile of a son of a friend of mine. He is going through some tough things in his life, and I remember how it was when I was in school. If you look like a movie star, dress like a rock star and have the muscles of a linebacker, you are likely to be quite popular in school. However, if you are too skinny, too fat, wear glasses or do not wear the right clothes, it can make for interesting times in school.

Most of us just need to work through our social awkwardness as the years wear on, but some of us could use a boost that can propel us out of mediocrity. I was not popular in school. However, as an adult I am respected as being a genius. Imagine that. Kids I went to school with are quite shocked to see how I turned out. However, there were those insanely awkward years of junior and senior high school, and I did not have to worry about how my social media profile was doing on Twitter or anything else.