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Started Getting the New House Ready to Live in

So we have just now started getting ready to move in to the new place. It is a really nice place and we are thinking that we should probably get ADT to be safe. Of course we know that you have to pay for the service if you are going to be able to get any use from having the home security system. Of course they have all sorts of different types of gadgets that you can get. The question is how much value you get from various features and what is going to be cost effective. I was looking at the various things you can do if you choose to do it. Keep Reading

Fast FiOS at Our House from Frontier Communications

After looking around at our options we finally settled on using Frontier Communications to provide our Internet service. One of the reasons is that it is not a shared service like the cable companies use. Some of the cable providers are still using a community type of service. The more you have logged onto the Internet, the slower your connection gets. That seemed archaic as far as the Internet goes, and we wanted to avoid it. The FiOS we got is a whole lot better for us. We are a heavy bandwidth using family. The kids alone can go through a few gigabytes of data in a single day.Fast FiOS

All of us together use a lot of Internet bandwidth. My wife streams her music and dancing shows and I stream my cop dramas. I also like the zombie movies. I think I might write something about that genre one day, and I tell my wife that watching every zombie movie ever made is research. Keep Reading

Lower Rates and Improved Calling Features

Well dressed father with daughter preparing food while on call
Well dressed father with daughter preparing food while on call

The best thing about having cheap home phone service is not having to worry about all kinds of outrageous charges and hidden costs on my phone bill. My old phone plan wasn’t that cheap to begin with, and even then I had to watch who I talked to and for how long. I would refuse collect calls because I knew they would have a high price on my bill. I avoided calling anyone that I knew who lived in a different state or even in a different country. I was pretty much confined to just talking to anyone who lived around me.

I became aggravated with the arbitrary restrictions that I had to place on myself just so I could have a lower price on my phone bill, so I decided to cut ties with my old phone company and seek a new one. Through some Internet searching, I found a better company, and now I talk on the phone more than ever. I have a cousin who lives in France, and we’ve been talking so much now, especially since there have been so many crazy things going on over there. The cost of talking to her isn’t that bad.

I do admit I like to talk on the phone more than most people, but that’s still no reason that I should be paying a lot for phone service. I knew there were better companies out there who could offer me phone service, and I think I found the best one on the market. I even have a way to block out those annoying telemarketing calls with my new phone plan. They used to call all the time, especially when I was relaxing or eating dinner. Now, the phone intercepts the call, and sends it right to voice mail, so I never hear it.

How We Picked Our Broadband Internet Service

Broadband Internet ServiceWe were trying to pick a new Internet service for use at our house. I went to and learned a few interesting things. Wherever you live you are pretty much locked into whatever the standard Internet service plans are offered for cable, FIOS or DSL. You are also free to choose from the various satellite Internet service options that are available. I don’t know if you ever noticed but there is one cable company that serves an area. There is also one hardwired phone company too. If your neighbors have a different option, they are just across the line in the other service area. They will not have two options. Keep Reading

It Makes Sense to Pay for Cable Instead of Relying on Network Sites

Like many other people across the country, I have been watching television shows on network websites. While it is almost always free, it is no fun to want to watch a full series, but only some episodes are offered. After growing tired of this, I decided that it may be time to look into cable TV providers to see what is available to me.

I cannot count how many times I have been watching a network series on a website, only to find that halfway through, the rest of the series disappears. If you are lucky, the provider will put the episodes back at some point. In other situations, you are given around one week to watch a particular episode before it’s taken off the website. This is simply inconvenient. Keep Reading

We Had Internet Waiting for Us in My New State

cable-connectorMy mom was born in Oregon, so I had heard a lot about the state over the years from her. The way she described the area, everything was so lush and green. Coincidentally, I soon found myself being transferred there for work. Along with a nice salary, my boss said they would pay for Oregon Internet service as well as phone service while I live there.

I was not given very much time to get ready to leave. I had just four weeks to pack up everything in my home, clean my old place up and leave for my new location. Because of that, a lot of family members and friends came over to help me get everything done. Without them, I could not have made the deadline in time.

I planned to drive the moving truck myself. My mom said she wanted to come with me on the drive. She really wanted to see some of the country between our state and my new state, and she really wanted to see the place where she grew up. I was pretty excited about it because it would be fun to see how much she remembered, and she could also point out some exciting landmarks that would be very new to me.

Once we arrived, we quickly looked for my new place. My mom new the area well because she used to live right around the corner from my place at one point! We decided to move in only a few of my belongings that first night. We made sure to move in the bed, some tables and chairs, the TV and my computer.

One of the first things we did was to try to connect to the Internet to make sure it was working. Thankfully, it was. This allowed us to look up a great restaurant to go to dinner at that night.

Getting Faster Service at Home is Worth It

CenturyLink All-Star Athlete | Utah JazzOver the years I have noticed that my Internet speeds are not very fast. They seemed to be at first, but over time, I found myself wishing that it could be faster. During a vacation at a friend’s home, I saw how fast her Internet is. I went home wondering if local Centurylink service is available where I live.

I quickly called to find out once I was home and settled in again. The great news is that faster service is available where I live, and best of all, it is only an extra $10 per month! Very fair price. Especially considering that I had previously upgraded my computer to a very fast, powerful one thinking that would be a total solution. Keep Reading

Started to Fix Up the Place a Bit

Highspeed InternetStarted to fix up the place a bit, although it is going to be a long process. Jake and I bought this place as a long term investment, but for now it is a tough place for us to live in. We are working to get the place airtight at the moment and fix the heat on it. Right now we have a good high speed internet set up, but the place is pretty cold once it gets to be night. The only thing we could do was to get my Mom to lend us this old kerosene heater that she had in her storage building. We would use that for emergency back when I was a kid. If the power went out we would clean it up and put some kerosene in it. Of course you could cook on it pretty well and that is what we have been doing. You have to pick it up and take it out on the back porch if you want to put fuel in it, because you sure do not want to get a spill.

My brother did that once. There was this big ice storm that knocked out our power for a whole week and he put the kerosene in it when it was in the house. Of course he spilled some and it got in to the walls. After that every time the weather changed you could smell that kerosene. It would get trapped in the wood, but it would come out ever so often and it was really pretty bad. You just do not want to have that, especially since it is easy to not have it happen. Of course dealing with the kerosene is not any fun and we are going to be quite happy when we are done with it.

Mobile Ad Networks for Small Business

I am trying to figure out a good way to advertise my business, and I thought about mobile ads as being something that would really do a good job at reaching people. In this modern world, I feel like there are people who spend a lot more time using their mobile devices, than they do computers. So that is why I have decided to seek out top mobile ad networks and try to see how much it would cost for me to advertise my business through such a

I am not sure how much it would cost for me to get this sort of advertising done and I do not know exactly how well it would work for my purposes. So I have decided to do a bit of reading,to brush up on things, and learn more about it. Keep Reading

Got a Much Nicer Place to Live

The place I was living in was not exactly a dump, but it was not too far from it. In fact my girlfriend was sort of afraid to be in that part of the city after dark. She is living on the campus still and just sees me on the weekend, so I am not going to be happy if she does not want to hang around. At any rate I got some of my bills paid off and I decided that I can afford a nicer place. This is it I got the one bedroom place, because obviously there is only one of me and I could not afford the bigger places.Nicer Place to Live Keep Reading

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