Started Thinking About My New PC

I have had the system that I have now for close to five years. When I bought it, this was in the sweet spot for me. I spent close to a thousand dollars getting a system that was really powerful and would stay close to the cutting edge for a little while. Now technology has moved on and the system I have is out of date. I am going to turn it into a home entertainment PC. The question is how to balance cost and performance, for example I wonder if getting the best 144hz monitor would make a lot of sense. The theory behind them sounds really great, but if you look into it there is obviously a price to be paid for the increased performance. You can get all sorts of features on a new monitor, for example a 4k monitor is going to be have a much sharper resolution and a 144 hertz monitor is going to have a much higher frame rate. Keep Reading

Picking a New Energy Plan for Our Dallas Home

I was really excited for several reasons to move to Dallas. I knew that I was going to make more money at my new job there, plus I was going to be a lot closer to the majority of my family. My wife was also happy about the move because she missed living in a bigger city. Before we moved here, we both looked online at different houses so we could pick out the one we wanted before we even looked at it in person. That was actually the easy part because our dream home just jumped out from the realtor’s website.

We arranged the closing for the three weeks that we would be transitioning between homes, so I wanted to have everything else in order then too. One of the most important things we had to do was decide which company we were going to use for our energy needs. We moved in July, which is the hottest month of the year here. Keep Reading

Looking for a Cheap Lake Cottage

My brother in law and I have started to try to figure out if we can manage to build ourselves a fishing cottage up on either Buchanan Lake of Lyndon B Johnson Lake. Of course we need to figure out if we can afford a piece of land which is accessible. You do not want a lot which is impossible to get to. We obviously need some place that is close to Killeen. After that you need to think about which Texas energy provider you want to pick and figure out what sort of place you are going to build. To start with we would not really need a permanent structure. Keep Reading

Started Getting the New House Ready to Live in

So we have just now started getting ready to move in to the new place. It is a really nice place and we are thinking that we should probably get ADT to be safe. Of course we know that you have to pay for the service if you are going to be able to get any use from having the home security system. Of course they have all sorts of different types of gadgets that you can get. The question is how much value you get from various features and what is going to be cost effective. I was looking at the various things you can do if you choose to do it. Keep Reading

Memory Foam Mattress Talking

Memoryfoam is an amazing, extremely dense material that was originally developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) in an attempt to mitigate the harsh gravitational forces (G forces) experienced by astronauts during take off and reentry. While memoryfoam never actually made it into outer space, the bedding industry soon discovered that this marvelous wonder of science could be the best thing to happen to sleep technology since the invention of the mattress.

Memory 7 Zone Memory Foam Mattress
Memory 7 Zone Memory Foam Mattress

Memoryfoam–a Space Age Sleeping Alternative

While memoryfoam may not have lived up to its initial space age expectations, it is nevertheless the most advanced form of bedding ever created. Memoryfoam has unique properties that make it in many ways the most ideal sleeping surface ever invented. Memoryfoam was designed to support all weight evenly across the entire surface of the mattress. This means that memoryfoam can support your entire body in ways that are simply not possible with simpler bedding technologies. Another great advantage of memoryfoam is that it does not transfer motion laterally. This means that, should you adjust your position or get out of bed during the night, the motion will not disturb your partner. Of course, since you can sleep comfortably in any position with memoryfoam, you are not likely to need to adjust your position often.

Memoryfoam is a space age technology that has found its way into the bedding industry. While memoryfoam never met its scientific expectations, it is nevertheless a marvelous invention. The advanced construction of memoryfoam beds means that they can support and conform to your body unlike anything you have ever experienced. This is particularly important for people who suffer from back and joint problems.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy a Memoryfoam Mattress

A memoryfoam mattress is constructed of space age materials, initially created by NASA, that can conform to the unique contours of your body like nothing else. Memoryfoam never fulfilled its space age potential but is nevertheless the single most important technological innovation in bedding in the last century.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider buying a memoryfoam mattress–this article discusses a few of those reasons.

A memoryfoam mattress conforms to your body completely, and is a perfect choice no matter whether you prefer to sleep on your back, on your side, or on your stomach.

Also, a memoryfoam mattress isolates vibrations, which means that your partner will not be disturbed no matter how many times you get up or change positions.

In addition to that, memoryfoam is designed so as to not put undo pressure on any part of your body. Memoryfoam is by its nature hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for allergy sufferers. Since a memoryfoam mattress does not sag, there is no reason to go through the ritual of occasionally flipping it as you would have to do with other mattresses.

Another reason to consider purchasing a memoryfoam mattress is the simple fact that it was developed by NASA, so you know that no expense was spared in coming up with the most advanced and functional technology possible.

Of course, perhaps the best reason to consider purchasing a memoryfoam mattress is the luxury factor. There is simply no other technology that can provide a sleeping experience that can compete with memoryfoam on comfort.

The other reasons to choose a memoryfoam mattress include the fact that dust mites and other parasites can not survive on it, the fact that millions of health care professional endorse memoryfoam, and the fact that most outlets provide outstanding warranties on their memoryfoam products.


The Pull of HyperGravity

Foamglobes | Best Memory Foam Mattress 2016

Fast FiOS at Our House from Frontier Communications

After looking around at our options we finally settled on using Frontier Communications to provide our Internet service. One of the reasons is that it is not a shared service like the cable companies use. Some of the cable providers are still using a community type of service. The more you have logged onto the Internet, the slower your connection gets. That seemed archaic as far as the Internet goes, and we wanted to avoid it. The FiOS we got is a whole lot better for us. We are a heavy bandwidth using family. The kids alone can go through a few gigabytes of data in a single day.Fast FiOS

All of us together use a lot of Internet bandwidth. My wife streams her music and dancing shows and I stream my cop dramas. I also like the zombie movies. I think I might write something about that genre one day, and I tell my wife that watching every zombie movie ever made is research. Keep Reading

Lower Rates and Improved Calling Features

Well dressed father with daughter preparing food while on call
Well dressed father with daughter preparing food while on call

The best thing about having cheap home phone service is not having to worry about all kinds of outrageous charges and hidden costs on my phone bill. My old phone plan wasn’t that cheap to begin with, and even then I had to watch who I talked to and for how long. I would refuse collect calls because I knew they would have a high price on my bill. I avoided calling anyone that I knew who lived in a different state or even in a different country. I was pretty much confined to just talking to anyone who lived around me.

I became aggravated with the arbitrary restrictions that I had to place on myself just so I could have a lower price on my phone bill, so I decided to cut ties with my old phone company and seek a new one. Through some Internet searching, I found a better company, and now I talk on the phone more than ever. I have a cousin who lives in France, and we’ve been talking so much now, especially since there have been so many crazy things going on over there. The cost of talking to her isn’t that bad.

I do admit I like to talk on the phone more than most people, but that’s still no reason that I should be paying a lot for phone service. I knew there were better companies out there who could offer me phone service, and I think I found the best one on the market. I even have a way to block out those annoying telemarketing calls with my new phone plan. They used to call all the time, especially when I was relaxing or eating dinner. Now, the phone intercepts the call, and sends it right to voice mail, so I never hear it.

How We Picked Our Broadband Internet Service

Broadband Internet ServiceWe were trying to pick a new Internet service for use at our house. I went to and learned a few interesting things. Wherever you live you are pretty much locked into whatever the standard Internet service plans are offered for cable, FIOS or DSL. You are also free to choose from the various satellite Internet service options that are available. I don’t know if you ever noticed but there is one cable company that serves an area. There is also one hardwired phone company too. If your neighbors have a different option, they are just across the line in the other service area. They will not have two options. Keep Reading

Cause of Lower Back Pain

There are other factors that may cause lower back pain and that stress is not just one of them.

Most experts consider that in the course of time muscle strain may lead to an overall imbalance in the structure of the spine. This may will lead to constant tension on the ligaments, bones and muscles. Thus, lower back pain is generated by overused  muscles that resulted from a combination of muscle strain and injury.

Scheuermann’s disease is one of the several culprits of lower back pain. This type of disease may be lesser known compared to the others but it is a self-limiting childhood skeletal disorder. It is also considered as a form of immature osteochondrosis of the spine.

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Scheuermann’s disease is common in teenagers ages 16 to 18 years old. The disease presents a deformity that is much worse than kyphosis. People who are suffering from this illness may not correct their position consciously because the peak of their curve which is located in the vertebrae is inflexible.

It is also known for causing lower back pain which may be very severe and disabling. Patients who are tormented from this disease may feel the pain more when aggravated by any physical activity and by prolong sitting and standing. In addition to lower back pain, people who are suffering Scheuermann’s disease have experienced loss of height. This  may have been the reason why “hunchback” exist. There are some reports say that lower back curves cause more pain compared to the curves in the upper region.

Cause of Lower Back PainThe curve of the spine may become permanent if it’s not corrected within the time frame of six to nine months. There are ways to treat the Scheuermann’s disease.  For example, a regular exercise and good posture may be helpful but there are also other treatment.

In some cases, physical therapy or wearing back braces may help reverse the kyphosis before it goes extremely severe. This type of physical therapy is called the Schroth method. It is a specialized therapy for people suffering from scoliosis and related deformities of the spine. The Schroth method has shown evidences that it may reduce pain while doing treatment.

Some people opted for surgical procedures to treat the Scheuermann’s disease. This type of surgical procedure may include spinal fusion and hardware instrumentation. For example, rods, screws and pedicle. The classical surgical technique entails the entering the two titanium rods into the back on either side of the spinal cord. These rods should be roughly one and a half feet long. Thus, the right titanium screws will then be drilled through the bone and secures them in place.

Surgery should be used as a last alternative when physical therapy and back braces fails. It might further put the patient at risk if the surgical procedure is not successful. That’s why it is very important to know that this surgery will aim to reduce lower back pain and not just to fix any physical imperfection. Complications may be low but some surgeries may deem unsuccessful.







It Makes Sense to Pay for Cable Instead of Relying on Network Sites

Like many other people across the country, I have been watching television shows on network websites. While it is almost always free, it is no fun to want to watch a full series, but only some episodes are offered. After growing tired of this, I decided that it may be time to look into cable TV providers to see what is available to me.

I cannot count how many times I have been watching a network series on a website, only to find that halfway through, the rest of the series disappears. If you are lucky, the provider will put the episodes back at some point. In other situations, you are given around one week to watch a particular episode before it’s taken off the website. This is simply inconvenient. Keep Reading